Blog Posts

Points on the board: How I gamified my PhD by publication progress

A gamified approach to to maintaining motivation and keeping track of my progress toward a PhD by publication

Why don't graduate employability and career development research talk to each other?

A summary of my recent publication: Mapping graduate employability and career development in higher education research.

Why careers and employability learning matters in higher education

A summary of the research evidence supporting quality careers and employability learning

Five key considerations for delivering careers and employability services online

A few things that I have learned from my experience planning online careers and employability learning.

On bus benches and park benches

How advice from a fitness coach helps me maintain perspective

Tuesday night write

How I got my writing moving with an online write-up.

A reflection on the Asia-Pacific Career Development Association conference 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In 2019 the CDAA supported me to attend the APCDA conference in Viet Nam.

Me, Myself, and I

How reflecting on the ways we narrate our daily life may help doctoral students maintain balance.

We need to talk: Using Dialogical Self-Theory to manage the voices in our heads

People hold internal dialogues with many different voices. Dialogical-Self Theory can help us make sense of them.

Dialogical careers and employability learning

Dialogical careers and employability learning helps students reflect, learn from others, and connect with professional communities.