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On bus benches and park benches

How advice from a fitness coach helps me maintain perspective

Tuesday night write

How I got my writing moving with an online write-up.

A reflection on the Asia-Pacific Career Development Association conference 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In 2019 the CDAA supported me to attend the APCDA conference in Viet Nam.

Me, Myself, and I

How reflecting on the ways we narrate our daily life may help doctoral students maintain balance.

We need to talk: Using Dialogical Self-Theory to manage the voices in our heads

People hold internal dialogues with many different voices. Dialogical-Self Theory can help us make sense of them.

Dialogical careers and employability learning

Dialogical careers and employability learning helps students reflect, learn from others, and connect with professional communities.

My curricular vision of careers and employability learning

What does employability mean, why is it a challenge for students, and what might a university do to help them?

What is best practice in careers education?

Studies into the impact of career interventions inform an evidence-based model of best practice in careers and employability learning.