career development practice

Why careers and employability learning matters in higher education

A summary of the research evidence supporting quality careers and employability learning

Careers and employability in higher education: Two sides of the same coin?

A brief summary to the results of two of my PhD projects looking at careers and employability in higher education.

Five key considerations for delivering careers and employability services online

A few things that I have learned from my experience planning online careers and employability learning.

Online careers and employability services: Reflections from an Australian regional university

Presentation for the UK Association of Careers Advisory Services, about online delivery of careers and employability services.

A reflection on the Asia-Pacific Career Development Association conference 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In 2019 the CDAA supported me to attend the APCDA conference in Viet Nam.

Bridging the gap between graduate employability and career development

A significant focus of my PhD is addressing the gap between the scholarly disciplines and professional practice of graduate employability and career development. Although you would think that they are closely related, as both are fundamentally concerned with students’ career success, they are in fact very different things. I have two specific studies underway that will explore this gap and recommend that we professionals in higher education careers and employability make some effort to close it.

Career services in Australian higher education: Aligning the training of practitioners to contemporary practice

Presentation at NAGCAS 2019 of [our article]( on changes in career development practice.

The changing nature of career support in Higher Education

A panel discussion on the changes in HE careers services, delivered for the Careers Industry Council of Australia.

The changing role of career development practitioners

A webinar delivered for the CDAA, presenting our article on the changing roles of [careers practitioners in Australian HE](