Presentations and webinars


Is there Strength in our Diversity? panel discussion

Panel discussion for the International Network of Employers and University Careers Services.


Careers and Employability Learning in Higher Education: Pedagogical Principles and Process

Research presentation delivered in collaboration with Dr. Jason Brown.

International practitioner research panel

My experience of PhD research in career development practice.


UQ Employability Symposium, plenary panel

A panel discussion for the University of Queensland faculty of Business, Economics, and Law.

Employability: What, when, where, how and for whom?

A panel discussion for the Needed Now in Higher Education online symposium.

Mapping graduate employability and career development in higher education research

A presentation in the Centre of Global Higher Education’s seminar series, presenting the findings of my article: Mapping graduate …

Critical ingredients of career interventions

A presentation for the Singapore People and Career Development Association outlining the evidence base of career development …


Careers and employability in higher education: Two sides of the same coin?

A brief summary to the results of two of my PhD projects looking at careers and employability in higher education.

Online careers and employability services: Reflections from an Australian regional university

Presentation for the UK Association of Careers Advisory Services, about online delivery of careers and employability services.


Career services in Australian higher education: Aligning the training of practitioners to contemporary practice

Presentation at NAGCAS 2019 of our article on changes in career development practice.

Simulated online graduate recruitment programs, inside and alongside the curriculum

Sharing the design and initial implementation of USQ’s online graduate recruitment simulation.

The changing nature of career support in Higher Education

A panel discussion on the changes in HE careers services, delivered for the Careers Industry Council of Australia.

Managing our many selves: How to use the Dialogical Self-Theory to help your clients explore their professional identities

A webinar delivered in the early morning to a global audience, promoting the book Career Theories and Models at Work.

The changing role of career development practitioners

A webinar delivered for the CDAA, presenting our article on the changing roles of careers practitioners in Australian HE.

Employability: Conceptualization, measurement, and applications

An overview in advances in understanding employability from ACCELL members.

Best practice in career education

Presentation at the Asia-Pacific Career Development Association conference describing the career education evidence base.

Making sense of career research series

A kind of journal artice reading club, led by Lizzie Knight, Jason Brown, and Michael Healy.


LinkedIn as an assessment task for employability and career exploration in the life sciences curriculum

Presenting our book chapter on using LinkedIn in the curriculum, at NAGCAS 2018.

Career writing

A pre-conference workshop describing key principles of career writing and offering several practical examples.