Best practice in career education


An important pillar of the evidence base of career education practice is formed by a series of meta-analyses of career intervention studies published over the last 30 years. These studies have measured the impact of career interventions and explored the influence of different intervention methods and approaches. The studies aggregate decades of research and hundreds of career intervention program evaluations. Taken together, they inform a model of evidence-based best practice in the provision of career education. In this presentation, I will outline the key elements of this evidence and highlight how practitioners can make best use of it. From a series of meta-analytic studies into the effectiveness of career interventions, a number of critical ingredients were identified as having the greatest impact on career development outcomes, particularly in combination with each other (Brown & Ryan Krane, 2000; Brown et al., 2003; Whiston, Li, Goodrich Mitts, & Wright, 2017). Alongside other key research, they point toward several elements of career interventions that can be cited as good practice or quality standards.

May 22, 2019 12:00 AM — Feb 16, 2019 7:55 PM
RMIT University, Viet Nam
Michael Healy
Careers and employability learning expert

I am the National Manager, Career Education for I hold a PhD in careers and employability learning, with several publications to my name. I am passionate about promoting the value and impact of quality careers and employability learning.